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Though moths are not dangerous, the damage they can cause to clothes can prove expensive. Whether moths have damaged treasured garmants in your home, or valuable stock within your business's warehouse Shiners can help you get rid of moths quickly and safely.


  • Damage - Moths within your wardrobes and drawers can result in costly damage.  Moths feed on animal fibres, such as wool, fur, silk, felt, leather and feathers found in pillows and duvets.
  • Dust - the dust from their wings can irritate if it comes in contact with your eyes and may affect those with respiratory problems such as asthma. 
  • Toxins -  Moths can contaminate food as well as pet food. Consuming contaminants from their faces could lead to intestinal diseases. Signs of


  • Damage to clothes - You may find holes in clothes that have been stored for a while. A single moth can lay up to 50 eggs. After the caterpillars hatch they eat their way through your clothes. 
  • Clothe Moth Larvae  -  You may also find casemaking or webbing clothes moths on or within your fabrics. Webbing moth larvae damage looks like messy clumps, and with casemaking moth larvae look like tiny caterpillars, seen bare or within their protective casing. The casing will be made up of the same colours of the clothes they are feeding off so may be harder to spot. 
  • Other moths - The moths you see flying around your home are generally not clothe moths, these are likely to be plant based for food infesting moths. Food infesting moths often lay eggs in your dried pet food or cereal.
  • Conditions - Clothes moths do not like the light, and are typically found in dark warm and humid environments (though can survive in extreme conditions). Any clothes or fabrics that are not cleaned regularly are a good place to find moths.


  • * Contrary to popular belief, citronella, lavender or eucalyptus, cedar wood oil vapour do not repel clothe moths.





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