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If you have a flea problem, Shiners’ can help eradicate them from your home or business. Often our pets can be the victim of fleas which can lead to a flea problem in the home. Fleas can also be passed on from human to human. Fleas in the workplace can deter attendance of staff and damage your businesses reputation if transmitted to, or even spotted by customers.


  • Spread - Fleas can be transmitted from animals and humans. 
  • Bites - Flea bites can be distressing and excessive biting and itching can lead to infection. Flea bites can also trigger an allergic reaction. 
  • Disease - Flea bites can lead to various diseases, such as Typhus, Plague, Tungiansis. 

Signs of Fleas:  

  • Itching - You may notice your pet excessively scratching. You may experience excessive itching or notice friends or colleagues in the workplace scratching excessively also. 
  • Flea dirt - If you inspect the hair of a person with fleas using a fine toothed comb (or a special flea comb) you may discover black dots caught in the teeth of the comb. 
  • Fleas in hair - You part of come hair with a fine tooth comb to detect fleas caught in the combs teeth. Fleas are only 1.5-3mm long so you can use a magnifying glass to inspect more clearly.
  • Flea eggs - Flea eggs can also be found in the hair of fur. Flea eggs can fall from the hair into the carpet. 
  • Bites - You may also inspect the skin of the scalp or animals body by parting the hair a look for little red patches on the skin caused by flea bites. ·  Carpets - You can look for fleas and 'flea dirt' on your carpets, it may be easier to spot an accumulation near where your pet sleeps.





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