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Bed Bugs

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If you have a bed bug infestation in your home or business, Shiners can help remove them. Bed bugs can be distressing and could impact on your wellbeing or business, whether within your letting accommodation, hotel or care home, bedbugs can be damaging to your businesses reputation and distressing for the occupants. Shiners can help you solve this problem fast and affectively.


  • Allergic reactions - Bed bugs can cause rashes and allergic reactions from their bites, which in some cases can be severe. Bed bug ‘bites' are more like a injection, like mosquitos, they inject the skin and feed of human blood.
  • Spread - Bed bugs can ‘hitchhike' on clothing, in suitcases and move from room to room city to city. Bed bugs lay 1-3 eggs per day, and require just 10 days to hatch. Each offspring takes 6 weeks to reach full maturity.
  • Sleep depravation - bed bugs can keep you awake at night. Even when sleeping, their irritations can impact on the quality of that sleep. In both cases, this can lead to sleep deprivation.   

Signs of Bed bugs:

  • Itching - Bed bug bites are very itchy, and several bites over a few nights can leave you quite saw.
  • Bites - Bed bug bites look like little red saws often between 4-10mm in diameter. These saws can also become inflamed. Bed bug bites can be found on any exposed areas of skin such as your face, arms and feet. If bed bugs get inside clothing they can bite anywhere. 
  • Where to find them - they are often found within your sheets, duvets and mattresses. Baby bed bugs are tiny, adults are just 5mms in length.
  • What do they look like - Bed bugs are brown, almond shaped, 6 legged insects. Prior to feeding, they are relatively flat, but after they have gauged on human blood for 3 - 10mins become rounded, reaching up to 6 times its original body weight.




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